Power-hungry PCs cost users dear

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    Power-hungry PCs cost users dear

    People who cannot be bothered to turn off their computers properly are costing both the environment and their own pockets dear, a study has concluded. Computer magazine PC Pro measured the electricity consumed by PCs, printers and TVs.

    It found many devices were extremely hungry when it comes to eating power.

    But a few minor adjustments could save people hundreds of pounds.

    Turn it off

    A CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor left on during the day and in standby mode during the night costs an equivalent in electricity over five years as a brand new flat screen monitor, it found.

    Full story: HERE
    Source: BBC
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    1. Phoenix
      people who care about power should just buy a new flat screen monitor then shouldnt they
      my PC searches through protien strains for cures to cancer in its spare time, as does my 2 laptops :)
    2. AJ
      I think I've heard about that from somewhere Phoenix. How does it work?
    3. Phoenix
      there are actually many grid computing initiatives out there these days, from cancer to encryption

      im currently doing WorldCommunityGrid, partly sponsored by IBM, basically a client runs on your machine and uses your machine spare cycles, its pretty intelligent that it wont take cycles needed by other processes, so slows down when needed, ie, when your gaming etc :)

      it downloads a little information now and then, andi guess runs tons of algorithms or someting against it to search for patterns or common trends, IANABiologist but i imagine its something along those lines

      im at total computing time of 170 days since january :)

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