Phishers hack eBay

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    Phishers hack eBay

    A flaw has been discovered on eBay’s website that would have allowed fraudsters to successfully redirect the sign-on process to a phishing site.

    Reported by British anti-phishing outfit Netcraft, the clever scam apparently started with fraudsters sending e-mails asking eBay users to update their accounts. So far so normal, as such fake eBay e-mails are currently one of the phishing world’s persistent lines of attack.

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    1. ffreeloader
      I received one of these phishing emails.

      Whenever I get one I always open the mail and look at the source code. So far most of them have been very easy to see as a scam because they have used a simple hyperlink that source code reveals as a numerical IP address that usually traces to somewhere in Asia.

      The one I received today was much more sophisticated. They used hidden javascript in the hyper link to disguise the ultimate destination url they wanted you to log into. It was pretty sophisticated. All the links except one, the one the entire email pointed to, were real. These guys are definitely getting better at disguising intent, even when you look at source code.
    2. Frontier
      Received a number of these myself, easy to tell alot of the time due to poor spelling. Alot of the IP addresses appear to be russian.
    3. SimonV
      I noticed that, I thought somebody had been on the booze when they sent it out. :alc
    4. ffreeloader
      The one I got yesterday had no mispellings or grammatical errors. Whoever created it was a professional programmer as the entire page was well-designed and the hyperlink well-disguised. In fact, it was impossible to tell the ultimate destination of the hyperlink as the javascript hid it.

      I've looked at most of these and wondered what idiot put them together, but not this one.

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