One in five Brits can't live low-tech

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    One in five Brits can't live low-tech

    One in five Brits claim not to be able to survive without digital technology, according to a new survey by Intel. Perhaps the chip giant has spent too long hanging around hospital intensive care units.

    One thousand Brits and many more across six other European countries answered questions posed by Intel on how technology impacts our lives. The UK's 80 percent survival rate makes us more dependent than the average: overall, one in eight Europeans reckoned they'd die without PCs and mobile phones.

    So the next time the power fails, expect to see slaughter in the streets. Perhaps it's not surprising that another 13 percent of us say we'd be happier if all the digital and computer technology was taken out of our lives.

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    1. Jakamoko
      I read this and thought .......Phoenix :biggrin

      j/k Ryan :oops:
    2. AJ
      I thought, thank goodness for that. If there was any less the the job market would be even worse :dry
    3. Missy
      I think it could be a age thing really, I for one could live without my computer, I would just do something more constructive with my time, plus it would be less stressful, for me that is :-)
      And mobiles,Dont even get me going on that subject :-( I was at a funeral the other day and one went off, and when your on public transport you always get the burk ! sat next to you shouting down the phone, still thinking he's using the 2 cans and a piece of string :-) and the cowards who text "your dumped" etc
    4. Phoenix
      perhaps old people just have a bleaker outlook on tech because they dont understand it as much?
      its a known fact that exposing things to people as children, further enhances there ability to learn it in adult hood, a child in a dual language family has a much better ability to learn languages

      perhaps the same is true of tech

      mobile phones isnt a technology issue either, its a 'my mummy didnt raise me with any manners' problem
      its nothing to do with the technology

      damn right i couldnt live without computers
      id be a shedload less productive, out of work, unable to communiate with 90% of my friends without a longhaul flight, and news would be back to 2 days after the event, how the hell can anyone live like that lol

      I constantly hear these complaints of 'information overload' i think thats really the cry of stupid people to be honest
      I aggregate about 24 RSS feeds onto my desktop, as well as recieving close to 100 emails a day, and have two browsers open each with about 30 tabs, i manage fine, as do most people raised in an environment that required that multi tasking ability

      whilst it may be an age thing this generation, i think its more likely to do with what environment someone grew up with

      just my 2c

      and yes jack, u damn right its me :)
      although, dont think i would 'die' without it
      id just go play about with my second passion, get a place by the sea and go scuba diving every day
    5. Missy
      Thanks for that, but I'm not that old or sad thank you :-)
    6. Phil
      This is definitely me :) got home to find my ADSL Router had blown last night, I'm just back up witht the new one now :D
    7. tripwire45
      It might partly be an age thing but not "middle-age". I'm quite comfortable with my home network and since my career depends on me being connected, I'd be really put out if my machines went out on me.

      My mother is in her 70s and have been using a PC for years. My father however, would prefer to work in the yard. :tongue
    8. Phoenix
      care to explain?
    9. SimonV
    10. tripwire45
      Geez, Si. Everytime I go to urban dictionary, that ad with the scanily clad girl keeps appearing. :blink :oops:
    11. ffreeloader
      Hey, Trip. Doesn't your wife get upset at you scanning the girls? :p :twisted:
    12. tripwire45
      It only happens when I visit urban dictionary. :tongue
    13. ffreeloader

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