New Web Protocol May Leave DSL in the Dust

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Apr 19, 2004.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">New Web Protocol May Leave DSL in the Dust</font>

    With the click of a BIC, speeding along the information superhighway may begin to feel like zooming down Germany's no-holds-barred Autobahn. BIC-TCP (binary increase congestion transmission control protocol) is a new data-transfer protocol that "makes today's high-speed digital subscriber line (DSL) connections seem lethargic," say computer science researchers at North Carolina State University (NCSU).

    In a recent Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) study, BIC-TCP "consistently topped the rankings in a set of experiments that determined its stability, scalability and fairness in comparison with other protocols," explained NCSU spokesperson Jon Pishney. SLAC researchers tested six other new protocols from such universities as the California Institute of Technology and University College, London. "BIC can achieve speeds roughly 6,000 times that of DSL and 150,000 times that of current 56K modems," said NCSU computer science professor Injong Rhee, who developed the protocol with fellow NCSU colleagues Khaled Harfoush and Lisong Xu.

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    1. Phil
      now thats a bit nippy, when can I get it :-)
    2. AJ
      Now don't get greedy Phil, You've only just got Broadband.
    3. Phil
      lol haven't got it yet, 64 days and counting.
    4. mattwest
      Makes my 56K modem seem a bit dated!


      Bring it on!

    5. Japes
      Lets not start holding our breath now :eek: and remember that DSL/ADSL first showed up in 1989 (yes 15 years ago) no wonder its caused some problems in the last couple of years....... its a teenager :joker

      I personally think that DSL will continue to evolve and will become faster, lets not forget that ethernet is now capable of 10Gb. The history of computing tells us that people/companies prefer a easy upgrade path....

      well thats my £0.02
    6. Jakamoko
      Still, an interesting story there, Si - thanks for that.
    7. Phoenix
      actually hate to burst the bubble
      but BIC-TCP is a refined/sleek/cut down/quicker version ot the TCP Protocol, it will hold no bearing over the speed of DSL, nor in fact is it a source of bandwidth, it is mearly a protocol, not a transport mechanism
      the problem lies in the fact that unless your running a few OC192s with single TCP connections running over them, your not ever going to need it, once, because the protocol is not the bottleneck, and wont be until you start hitting the 6Gbps mark on a per connection base (remember most of us run tons of TCP connections on our lowly ADSL, we do not use our lines for single connections, basically this will make fast (really fast) pipes more efficiant, thats it.

      hope that explains it a tad better :)
    8. mattwest
      Guess i'm sticking with my 56K dial up.... :(

      Thanks for the update Phoenix....


    9. Jakamoko
      I'm with you on that one, Matt :cry:
    10. mattwest
      At least its a good workout having to crank up the old 56K beast..... :!:


      Who needs the gym ?? :)

      (I must try and get work to pay for ADSL.... mmm i wonder ?!?)



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