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New Vistas for Microsoft-so why not Europe?

Discussion in 'News' started by zimbo, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. zimbo
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    New Vistas for Microsoft-so why not Europe?

    In the wake of Europe's latest and most amusing action against Microsoft-a new fine of $357 million levied by the European Commission because it doesn't like the way the software giant opened up its source code in response to the Commission's antitrust decree-the company has unveiled new operating principles for its software design.
    These principles, which are to be reflected in next year's scheduled launch of Vista (the next version of Windows), emphasize flexibility, easy interoperability with other manufacturers' products, innovation and market choice.

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    1. ffreeloader
      Wow. That was painful to even read it was so arrogant. I wonder which MS employee wrote that for him....
    2. zebulebu

      So much for 'journalistic integrity'

      Its amazing how much the M$ antitrust/monopoly debate polarises people's opinions.

      I like to try and maintain impartiality if I can - for instance, I can see problems with the way M$ goes about its business and there's no doubt in my mind that they ARE a monopoly, and they DO abuse their position.

      However, companies challenging M$ haven't exactly covered themselves in glory (witness the Sun/Netscape debacle) and there are other tech companies out there that are just as predatory (Cisco, SCO, Symantec to name but a few) who fly under peoples' radar simply because they aren't as all-massive as Microsoft is.

      For a fantastic example of M$-fanboyism, read Jon Honeyball's columns in PCPro. If that dude's not on the M$ payroll, someone from Redmond needs to have a word...

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