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New Twitter Anti-Spam Bot Causes Chaos

Discussion in 'News' started by Mitzs, Jul 24, 2008.

  1. Mitzs
    Honorary Member

    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess


    New Twitter Anti-Spam Bot Causes Chaos

    Did you notice a big drop in your Twitter follower numbers yesterday? It seems that the Twitter team recently decided to step up their Twitter spammer detection, and, in typical Twitter fashion, their algorithm sent the service haywire, leading to yet another sighting of the Fail Whale while the issue was resolved. Meanwhile, Twitterers everywhere were in an uproar over their lost follower counts.

    Notice? It wiped mine clean out! They said lastnight they were trying to put everything back but that didn't happen. Do they not have a back up?

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    1. BosonJosh
      I think I've lost about half my followers.
    2. Mitzs
      They are saying that it will take hours to get it back though the whole site. But other twitters are saying that they have lost people that went past a certain date. So I don't know. I still had the pictures left in mine so that is how I added everyone back that I was following.
    3. hbroomhall
      I wonder why I didn't bother with Twitter? :p

      Harry (wandering off whistling tunelessly)
    4. Mitzs
      Its cool harry. I am glad I did do it. Although I don't have it set up for my cell phone.
    5. twizzle
      so what do you call people who use Twitter? Twits? Twitterers? or just Twitters? :p

      I hope ya do get the contacts and such back Mitzs, i know what its like lossing peoples details.
    6. Mitzs
      yeah they got it fixed!:D I am happily twitting away with arroyn and several others. :biggrin
    7. BosonMichael
      Yeah, Jesus was down to six disciples instead of the normal twelve... I'm glad it got fixed! :ohmy


      Meh, I don't use Twitter. :)

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