New Internet speed record set

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Apr 22, 2004.

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">New Internet speed record set</font>

    The new record, announced Tuesday at the Spring 2004 Internet2 member meeting in Arlington, Va., was for transmitting data over nearly 11,000 kilometers at an average speed of 6.25 gigabits per second. This is nearly 10,000 times faster than a typical home broadband connection. The network link used to set the record reaches from Los Angeles to Geneva, Switzerland. Internet2 is a consortium of more than 200 universities working with industry and government to develop next-generation Internet technology. The Internet2's contest, which began in 2000, is open and ongoing, and it tests researchers' ability to build the highest-bandwidth, end-to-end Internet Protocol network.

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    1. Jakamoko
      Bet that doesn't come in at £25.99 a month :eek:

      Absolutely blistering !!!!
    2. mattwest
      What could you do with a connection that fast? BLIMEY i'd run out of thing to download!!

    3. AJ
      You could take over the universe and know one would find out until it's too late.

      :onthePC He He He He World Domination
    4. Phoenix
      you wouldnt do much with a connection like that
      your disk system would averagly peak out at just under 10% that speed, (average transfer speed of a ATA100 IDE disk)
    5. mattwest
      World Domination.... now i LIKE that!!

    6. AJ
      Aww Phoenix, you've spoilt my dream. You gotta chill and think that anything is possible.

      No where did I leave my Ray Gun :!: :twisted:
    7. Jakamoko
      Jeez,AJ - two weeks in the States, and your a power-mad maniac !!!! :eek:

      (sorry, Trip :oops: )
    8. AJ
      Sorry Gav, too much American TV.

      I thought someone had to listen to George W Bush :snipersm:
    9. mattwest
      Talking of Trip, i havent seen a wireless QOTD for today, might just have missed it, but is he not about?

      Oh the things i could do with a ray gun (especially the stun setting) !!

      Sod 6GB, i just want broadband!!
    10. Phoenix
      its only been thursday for a few hours where he is, hopefully hes asleep! :) (altho i think he has posted one now lol)
    11. mattwest
      Yeah thanks Phoenix, i was just wondering as there is usually a QOTD about 9 or 10PM, maybe he's getting a well deserved lay in !

    12. Phoenix
      damn hp work him hard if hes dropping posts at 9am :)
      thats 2am his time
    13. mattwest
      Get the whip out!!

      He must usually post the QOTD before he goes to bed... my bad!

    14. tripwire45
      I'm truly touched by everyone's concern. The thing is, if I don't post the QOTD for a particular day by the night before (my time), then by the time I wake up in the morning, it is already early afternoon forum time. Sorry folks. Last night, I was just plain tired and hit the hay early. Sometimes though, the missus gets on the phone and then I don't have access to the Internet for hours on end. I'll try and do better. Honest. :wink:
    15. mattwest
      Hey trip!

      Now worries, its just the QOTD is usually always there to read and think about in the morning when i get to work.... wondered if i had missed it or something!!

      Women and telephones hey! :roll:

      I had an early one last night too, too many late nights!

    16. Jakamoko
      Grrrrr :evil: I hate when that happens !!!

    17. tripwire45
      Maybe we could invite "Mrs. Gav" to read some of your comments. :wink: :eek:
    18. AJ
      Good idea Gav. Why don't you get her to read the blond jokes just recently posted and your comments on them.

      Ouch, I can here the sounds of a bouncing Armodillo from here :eek:
    19. mattwest

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