Multiple Windows Vistas on the Horizon?

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    Multiple Windows Vistas on the Horizon?

    Microsoft executives used their annual financial analyst meeting last week at the Redmond campus to describe in broad terms, some of the upcoming products and services ideas that have appeared on the Microsoft roadmap since this time last year. On that timeline are plays in new technology areas, such as high-performance computing, as well as expanding the company’s base of existing products. “These are areas in which we will introduce new products, but perhaps as significantly, we will also introduce higher-value versions of existing products,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Given that the bulk of Microsoft’s income still comes from the company’s core products -- Windows, Office, and its main servers, like SQL Server and Exchange Server – the company will introduce “new SKUs,” Ballmer told the audience. (SKU, or “stock keeping unit,” is a retail term that roughly translates as “packages” or “products”).

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