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    [​IMG]<font size="3">MSN Chatrooms Axed</font>

    Computer giant Microsoft is to close the majority of its internet chatrooms to stop paedophiles praying on young children.

    It will axe all its chatrooms run by its MSN websites in 34 countries while others will be more tightly monitored or operate on a subsciption-only basis.

    The company also hopes the move will combat spam emails.

    Companies are known to collect e-mail addresses from those visiting chatrooms which they use to send what are often x-rated adverts.

    Matt Whittingham, head of customer satisfaction at MSN UK, said: "Most people treat this type of service with respect but we have found that chatrooms - and not only ours - are increasingly being used for inappropriate communications.

    MSN will shut its free, unmoderated Chat services around the globe on October 14.

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