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Moving From One Area of IT to Another

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Mar 14, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    Moving From One Area of IT to Another

    Information technology is in a perpetual state of unrest. Professionals in the industry must be prepared to adjust their careers accordingly, which involves being able to take on new knowledge and skills very quickly. People who can achieve proficiency in another area of technology the fastest have an indisputable competitive edge in the IT job market. Matt McGrath, a senior education consultant with Kansas City, Mo.-based Centriq Foss Training Center, helps techies make that transition on a regular basis. He works with several current and prospective IT professionals every week to determine how they should pursue their desired career. “About half are what we call career changers, who want to get into IT from a different field entirely, and then the other half are experienced IT professionals who want to make a horizontal career movement within IT,” he said.

    Read the entire article Here.
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    1. simongrahamuk
      Great Read! Thanks Trip! :biggrin
    2. zimbo
      intresting read trip.. the only thing is i have seen people will have certs in totally different fields (MCSE and MCSD) - and heavens knows why someone would want both? :blink or is it just wierd to me? :blink i mean how can you have both sets of skills properly - look at bluerinse it took him years to become a MCSE but he has the skills under his belt properly... it would take me years too to learn different skills properly!
    3. simongrahamuk
      To survive in IT these days you have to be multiskilled. 8)
    4. simongrahamuk
      Let me expand on what I said, Zimbo, you aspire to be an MCSE, but you also wish to learn Linux. You are therefore expanding your skillsets beyond one technology, thus becomming multiskilled. You may find that as your creer develops you have to become familliar with managing databases, expanding skillsets further. Etc.

      What was once the job of five people is now the job of one!

    5. zimbo
      i agree totally! linux and windows is fine.. but networking with programming?
    6. simongrahamuk
      Ever wrote a login script? Ok, so it's not exactly programming, but it is (sort of) leaning that way. Ever needed to change something in a database? You will need to know the language.

      Not everyone has the competencies required to be certified in both aspects of IT, but having the basic understanding and skills will help you in your career. That is what I think the article was (in my mind) saying. :blink
    7. zimbo
      i still agree with you mate! what im trying to say is i dont think someone could achive mcse and mcsd and keep those skills in an everyday life.. certs are there to show that we know the skills not to show we can pass all the ms certs so hire me!

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