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More malware coming for Macs

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. tripwire45
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    More malware coming for Macs

    Hackers and malware creators are clearly taking a greater degree of interest in the ever growing community of Mac owners with the discovery of the OSX.RSPlug.A Trojan masquerading as a video plug-in at some porn sites, diverting some of their attention away from the Windows world to try their hand at hacking the Mac. Now more than ever with the launch of Leopard, any of Apple’ Mac models are excellent, multipurpose computers that are easy to use, have a wealth of native software available, are fully compatible with PCs right down to native or virtual running of Windows.

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    1. zebulebu

      Make 'em suffer like the rest of us.

      Lets see how geeky MAC 'evangelists' really are when their precious heaps of overpriced, overpriced shite start going tits-up.

      My bet is that the majority of them won't even bother to try repairing them - they'll just follow the latest Apple trend and simply buy another heap of overpriced, overstyled shite.
    2. Amine
      Nice one Zebulebu :):):)
    3. Sparky
      Great news :biggrin

      Even better news, switch off the firewall by default. :biggrin

    4. grim
      will give them a bit more of a challenge, creating windows viruses isn't much to brag about these days :) plus now its being ported to PCs which could make things interesting.

    5. ffreeloader
      And I thought I was grumpy.....
    6. ffreeloader
      Let's see. Malware that requires you to go to a certain site, take a look at porn, be dumb enough to believe that you are going to need a plugin to watch the video, be dumb enough to have your browser set to auto install junk, and on top of all that be dumb enough to enter your admin password on something trying to install from a porn site.

      Yeah, this will spread like wildfire. :rolleyes:

      Oh, I forgot, you need the "average" Windows user for this type of malware to be successful. From what I've seen of Mac users most of them are a little too technically astute for the level of the lack of technical sophistication required by this malware to succeed. Only the dumbest of the dumb get caught by this type of thing. I really doubt this will go anywhere.
    7. grim
      where's this p0rn you speak of ?


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