Mitnick: 'Human firewall' a crucial defense

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    'Human firewall' a crucial defense" />

    'Human firewall' a crucial defense

    By Munir Kotadia, Special to ZDNet
    Published on ZDNet News: April 14, 2005, 12:32 PM PT

    Companies can better protect their confidential information by creating an incident response department to deal with suspicious queries, said infamous ex-hacker Kevin Mitnick.

    Mitnick explained that this group should be trained in the art of social engineering, be able to investigate any potential [security] attacks and respond in an efficient and effective manner.

    The founder of Mitnick Security Consulting (formerly known as Defensive Thinking) also called on companies to properly educate their workforce and strengthen their so-called "human firewall". At a social engineering prevention workshop in Sydney this week, Mitnick and business partner Alex Kasperavicius shared some of the tactics used by social engineers to bypass a company's technical security by exploiting employees' psychological vulnerabilities.

    Full story: HERE

    [Thanks to Fergal and Mitzs for bringing this story]
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