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Microsoft yanks Vista SP1 update causing endless reboots

Discussion in 'News' started by Mitzs, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. Mitzs
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    Mitzs Ducktape Goddess


    Microsoft yanks Vista SP1 update causing endless reboots

    February 20, 2008 (Computerworld) Responding to reports of endlessly rebooting PCs that flooded support newsgroups last week, Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday it had pulled an update designed to prep Windows Vista for Service Pack 1. Although the update -- actually a pair of prerequisite files that modify Vista's install components -- has been temporarily pulled from Windows Update, Microsoft has not yet produced a fix for users whose machines either won't boot or reboot constantly.

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    1. Alex Wright
      Alex Wright
      More bad press concerning Windows Vista. I almost feel sorry for Bill! :D
    2. GiddyG
      Here is a bit more news...
    3. greenbrucelee
      Oh dear is Vista turning out to be the new ME?
      Isn't this following the same pattern has windows xp?? (When SP 1 was released)you would of thought MS would of learnt their lesson the first time round:rolleyes:
    5. GiddyG
      Looks like the only safe thing to do is not take the SP... if you can avoid it.
    6. greenbrucelee
      Since I only started to get back into the world of computers last year, I wouldn't know but yes MS should be learning from the past. Surely they should be extensively testing the service packs/updates before releasing them. :blink
    7. grizz3210
      my pc was updated yesterday to sp1 and have had no problems at all8)
    8. greenbrucelee
      Its probably only a small percentage of computers that are going wrong, as is in the links just some problems with compatibility with 3rd party apps.

      How big was the service pack?
    9. grizz3210
      Quite big took about 40mins to download and install
    10. simongrahamuk
      1.1GB. 8)
    11. greenbrucelee
      That is big, maybe the people having the problems didn't have enough space 8)
    12. BosonMichael
      I don't believe ME was ever patched with a Service Pack. :D
    13. greenbrucelee
      Was it that bad?

      I never had the mis-fortune of using it, Windows 98 was the last version of Windows I used before XP.
    14. BosonMichael
      Yes. And, unlike Vista, there was not really a compelling reason to upgrade to it from Windows 98. Some people (mostly techs) may not like Vista... but it cannot be argued that Vista contains a multitude of useful features that aren't available with XP.
    15. Phoenix
      Vista is also the first consumer OS to go start to finish throuh the MS secure computing initiative, a very good thing from a security standpoint

      UCM, They DO learn from their mistakes, the improve with every release, hell having been around in the NT 3.51 days I can guarantee you I have seen increidble improvement over time, both on functionality, security, stability and every other area, a handful of machines go wacko out of the millions deployed and as usual the press have a field day, the community gets up in arms blah blah blah

      its all BS, its all FUD
      everyone knows they should back up a system before a big SP deployment anyway! and with ASR you can be up and running again in like 30 mins *shrug*
    16. jackd
      I used to love playing Duke Nukem 3D across my network (if you could call it that, two computers linked via a crossover cable) with ME. I never had any problems with Windows ME it was perfect at the time, but saying that all MS os's ive used so far have been fine (except vista).

    17. GiddyG
      I like it... I just want to get hold of a ****** copy so I can start to use it!! :blink
    18. Theprof
      I installed the SP1 on one my vista machines and everything works well, no issues here either.
    19. Mitzs

      The thing with ME is that people either loved it or hated it. I could see no middle ground with the users I was around. And I think to some extent vista is heading down the same path. Ryan and Blue seem to like it just fine. However, what little exposure I had to it was enough to last me a life time. BUT to be fair to vista. Ryan and Blue are use to messing with new OS's prodding and poking them while I am not. That makes a difference. I like things to work and work right. I have become a lazy tech. While ryan I belive. likes to see if he can break them. How far he can push them. How much pressure did it take before it snap. That will also give one a good idea just how good of a product it is really is. Ryan know his software. If he says there is something to it you better belive there is.

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