Microsoft snubs the Intel Itanium

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    Microsoft snubs the Intel Itanium

    INTEL'S Itanium processor will only be partly supported by Microsoft’s forthcoming Longhorn Server. Although Vole has stopped short of pulling the plug entirely on Itanium, it has said that Longhorn will only be able to work for a limited number of higher-end jobs. In a communiqué from the Lair of the Vole, Microsoft says that Longhorn will run three types of higher-end tasks on Itanium including databases, custom jobs and CRM. However it will not be able to do fax server, Windows Media Services, Windows SharePoint Services, file and print servers, and others. On the positive side, Microsoft does see a future for the chip, but that ‘big iron’ slot is not exactly what Chipzilla envisioned as Itanium's future

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    1. snoopy51

      Due to the spread of Mad Cow Disease, Longhorn has been renamed to Vista! :biggrin :biggrin :biggrin
    2. ffreeloader
      Well, you know, snoopy, that a skunk by any other name is still a skunk don't you? So, Vista still carries the deadly MS disease even though they renamed it. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    3. tripwire45
      Sorry. The article used "Longhorn" instead of "Vista" and I couldn't find the Vista logo in CF's list (tho I know it has one) so I used the LH logo instead. Nice one about mad cow's disease, tho. snoopy. :biggrin
    4. snoopy51
      Here is the official logo:


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    5. SimonV
      Its called windows-vista.gif Trip, I've fixed the image for you my friend. :)
    6. tripwire45

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