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Microsoft Security Bulletin

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jun 9, 2006.

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    Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification

    As part of the monthly security bulletin release cycle, Microsoft provides advance notification to our customers on the number of new security updates being released, the products affected, the aggregate maximum severity and information about detection tools relevant to the update. This is intended to help our customers plan for the deployment of these security updates more effectively.

    In addition, to help customers prioritize monthly security updates with any non-security updates released on Microsoft Update, Windows Update, Windows Server Update Services and Software Update Services on the same day as the monthly security bulletins, we also provide:
    • Information about the release of updated versions of the Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.
    • Information about the release of NON-SECURITY, High Priority updates on Microsoft Update (MU), Windows Update (WU), Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) and Software Update Services (SUS)......

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