Microsoft Second Shot Deadline

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    Microsoft Second Shot Deadline

    The Second Shot offer provides a free retake exam if you do not pass your exam the first time. If you purchase a Microsoft Certification exam pack using the Second Shot offer, you will have one (and only one) retake for each of the exams in the exam pack.

    But time is running out to take advantage of the free retakes for failed Microsoft exams, the Second Shot availability end date is May 31, 2013. This means you have less than one month to book your course and take your exam.

    Sign up here
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    1. Sertifikator
      Is there any update for this year ?
    2. kfoulks2011
      I researched this a few weeks back and was unable to find a second shot offer. I don't believe MS is offering second shot at the moment. From what i read they only do it every so often, and usually only for a few months at a time.
    3. Sertifikator
      Yeah, so in this case, I'd better wait and look for better opportunities next time.
    4. Stuzzle
      Sorry guys but the most recent Second Shot expired at the end of May I believe :)

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