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Microsoft laying off jobs? We'll have to see in the next few weeks...

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Microsoft getting ready to lay off 17% of staff

    Worldwide cutbacks

    The rumor that Microsoft was set to lay off people on January 15th, 2009 is no longer a rumor but a fact. Staff at Microsoft have been informed that the company is readying major layoffs to its worldwide operations and it's not a small cut, either.

    Currently Microsoft employs about 90,000 people across the world and from what we're hearing, some 15,000 of those are expected to be giving marching orders come January 15th. That's almost 17 percent of Microsoft's total work force, not exactly a small number.

    Read the rest of the article here, however according to CNN...

    Microsoft Firing 15,000 People On Jan 15? Unlikely

    Microsoft (MSFT) is preparing to whack 15,000 people in two weeks, says Fudzilla, 17% of its global work force. A cut of this magnitude seems highly unlikely, although the targeted areas do make sense.

    Unless Microsoft's business has been absolutely crushed in the past two months, there is no reason for the company to suddenly cut this much cost. Microsoft's margins are still fine, and much of its revenue is generated from multi-year contracts (and is therefore unlikely to see a massive intra-quarter hit).

    See the rest of the article here.

    Which report is correct? How are "we" going to be affect if this is true? We're going to have to wait a couple of weeks to find out.

    Credit to dmarsh for find two conflicting reports on MS news.

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    1. Fergal1982
      DMarsh sent me a link to this last night. I was unable to corroborate this story though, so didnt post it.
    2. zebulebu
      More than 95% of Microsoft's workforce are 'permatemps' - they don't actually work for Microsoft, but for shell companies - meaning Microsoft can get away with not giving them benefits, paying them less and firing them whenever they feel like it.

      I hasten to add here that its not only MS that does this - most large companies do. Labour practices like these are sickening, but part of the modern world, and in times of economic crisis, are fantastic for the company using these practices - but dreadful for the poor saps who are employed under them.
    3. tripwire45
      My job at HP was as a "contingent worker", which is pretty much the same thing. You do the same job, but for no benefits. HP has a history of keeping temps on for years at a time, just renewing their contracts whenever they come due. While I personally like being FT/Perm (which is one of the reasons why I left HP for my current role), if you look at it from a business point of view, it is one way to keep costs down.

      I have no idea if this story is true or not. First I've heard of it. Be interesting to see what develops.
    4. Mr.Cheeks
      Guess we'll find out soon when it hits the News on TV... ...recently major companies that are laying off large amounts of staff appear.
    5. UKDarkstar
      Well all the articles I can find only refrence the Fudzilla one so unless they're very well connected it's just the rumour mill going into overtime.

      If you fancy working for MS in the UK the current vacancies are here :biggrin
    6. nugget
      I just wish they'd start with the upper so-called management.
    7. piccadilly
      Isn't it a common procedure for Microsoft to lay off 10% of its staff a year?

      BTW Happy New Year.

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