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Microsoft kills SUS update software

Discussion in 'News' started by zimbo, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. zimbo
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    zimbo Petabyte Poster


    Microsoft kills SUS update software

    Microsoft is killing off its SUS update software, released more than three years ago to aid sysadmins.
    From December, the software giant will not offer patches and other updates to the free Software Update Services (SUS). Instead, people will be expected to move to the newer Windows Software Update Services (WSUS), currently at version 2.0.

    The SUS server is installed locally on company networks to collect new patches for testing and subsequent deployment. It has not been available for download since last year but continues to be used in many small and mid-sized organisations that don’t want to, or can’t afford to run Systems Management Server.

    More here
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    1. riaz.hasan
      does that also mean that for 290 the books will be getting updated for WSUS rather than having SUS?
    2. zimbo
      Thats what im thinking too! :rolleyes:
    3. Sparky
      I hope so; WSUS has been out for a while now. Having just sat the 70-290 there was a couple of SUS questions in it. Either MS should update to include WSUS server or ditch the SUS questions. 8)
    4. zimbo
      Sparky thats the major question in my mind right now... on the 291 page this is all it says:

      yet if you open the MS Press 291 2nd Edition book you will find WSUS covered... thats why i suggest if you havent bought the whole series (290-294 box) get the new books because they are different content wise to the 1st edition ones.. but if already have the the 1st edition book then download alot of whitepapers on WSUS here from Technet...
    5. Sparky
      Thanks for the link zimbo. :thumbleft

      I thought it was only the 70-270 book that had been released as a second edition with SP2 adding extra functionality to XP but it looks like all of the press books have been changed


      The books I am using are provided by my training provider, once I complete the 70-291 (whenever that is) I will get the next collection of books. I`ll request the Second Edition books and if I dont get them I`ll kick up a big fuss! :biggrin
    6. Bluerinse
      I installed WSUS on my SBS 2003 box this weekend. It wasn't the easiest of installations, mainly because I followed the wrong instructions for installing the thing. There is a different method for installing on SBS rather than a standard server install.

      The product seems quite good, although I am still in the early stages of learning it. I would suggest that you guys play with it as well rather than just reading about it. It is free btw :D
    7. zimbo
      pete i picked this up a few months ago and once im done with my exam ill give into it.. but browsing through it looks like a good book...
    8. Bluerinse
      Cheers Zim, I might just get myself one of those cheat books :biggrin
    9. Bluerinse
      That book has got to be clearer than the WSUS help :eek:

      Here is a snippet..

    10. ffreeloader
      Ummm.... What was that you quoted? Chinese? I certainly couldn't understand it....
    11. zimbo
      from here :rolleyes:
    12. ffreeloader
      LOL. Well, I guess I should have known. The same guy that writes questions on MS exams must have written that paragraph too. It's completely incomprehensible. It pretty much gives me a headache just trying to read it.... :rolleyes:
    13. Bluerinse
      I am glad it's not just me then :blink
    14. riaz.hasan
      had a look at the 290 book and they seem to have updated it as it has a whole chapter on WSUS now :) i'm assuming the questions on WSUS in exam would start appearing soon as well..

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