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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 has left the building!

Discussion in 'News' started by craigie, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. craigie

    craigie Terabyte Poster


    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 has left the building!

    At 11:33am pacific time, the Exchange Product Group declared RTM for build 14.00.0639.021. Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 has left the building!


    We have delivered on cost savings for the customer. For example, a customer on Exchange 2010 with 100,000 mailboxes at 1GB will save 59% over Exchange 2003 with smaller mailboxes at 250MB. This is due to our investments to run on cheap storage without sacrificing reliability, due to our industry leading built-in mobile messaging through EAS, disk based backups integrated into the availability infrastructure and reduced help desk costs through self-serve frameworks. And I haven’t even discussed a customer that decides to get rid of their parallel infrastructure for voice mail or archiving which increase the savings to 75%!

    We have delivered on business value for the customer. There are amazing end user productivity enhancements through features like conversation view, cross browser support, best of breed mobile messaging experience, voice mail preview and auto attendant, calendar sharing, mail tips etc. There are innovations for IT by laying down the foundation for agility through a choice of software and/or service, compliance through integrated RMS and legal hold, easier operations through RBAC and built in HA and DR. I could go on and on.

    We have delivered on quality for the customer. Our TAP customers agree we are ready. We have exceeded our benchmarks against Exchange 2007 (which itself improved on 2003). We have over 250K mailboxes deployed in MSIT and TAP on Exchange 14 running at our availability targets over the past few weeks (and over 12 million in the datacenter). The helpdesk tickets for E14 mailboxes are at levels of E12 two years from release. Our 7000 P0 and P1 test cases have passed at 100% and when you factor in P2-P4 we are at nearly 50,000 test cases run every day with code coverage of around 80% passing around 98%. Last but not the least the monitoring and manageability has improved significantly.
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    1. Modey
      Interesting, I think we'll be having a go at implenting this as soon as it's available on Software Assurance.
    2. wagnerk
      That's right, we just have to figure out the Exchange 2003 SP2 with Exchange 2010 first. We're suppose to be able to run them side by side, but it won't let us. Hopefully this is fixed with the RTM version, we were trying out the RC version.

    3. Modey
      Perhaps we'll have to bite the bullet at some point and re-create our setup rather than migrating it. I think I'm gonna have nightmares now just for suggesting that. :)

      I wonder when it's going to be available to download? Maybe a week or two after RTM was announced (if W7 & 2K8R2 are anything to go by).
    4. craigie
      I have checked the work MSDN subscription and it's available for download.

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