Microsoft debuts security tools

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    Microsoft debuts security tools

    Microsoft is releasing tools that clean up PCs harbouring viruses and spyware.

    The virus-fighting program will be updated monthly and is a precursor to Microsoft releasing dedicated anti-virus software. Also being released is a software utility that will help users find and remove any spyware on their home computer. Although initially free it is thought that soon Microsoft will be charging users for the anti-spyware tool.

    Paid protection The anti-spyware tool is available now and the anti-virus utility is expected to be available later this month.

    Full Story: LINK
    News source: BBC News
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    1. AJ
      Just downloaded this and shock, it's doen't look half bad. will compare later when I have more time against Adaware etc. It is only in Beta and free at the moment as Gav's news article says.

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