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Microsoft Confirmed Exchange 2007 Will Not Work With Server 2008 R2 Edition

Discussion in 'News' started by craigie, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. craigie

    craigie Terabyte Poster


    Microsoft Confirmed Exchange 2007 Will Not Work With Server 2008 R2 Edition

    We have been informed by Microsoft that Exchange 2007 will not work with Server 2008 R2.

    However, they have commented that it will work with Exchange 2010.

    Thought I would give you all a heads up.
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    1. BosonMichael
      Yikes. :blink Link?
    2. zebulebu
      As far as I'm aware that advice only stands for E2K7 SP2. I think E2K7 SP1 works fine on 2008 Server R2, but would need to go ferreting through my favoruites for the Exchange Blog article I remember seeing this on to confirm

      EDIT - linkage
      Last edited: Oct 7, 2009
    3. Sparky
      Ok, so if you are running R2 you cant install SP2 for Exchange 2007? :blink
    4. danielno8
      Is this an "it's not supported" or "it won't work at all" ?
    5. Sparky
      Has anyone installed Server 2008 R2 from volume licence media? I have just put a domain\exchange upgrade plan together with Server 2008 as the OS.

      Is it like Server 2003 R2 when you got the R2 technologies on a separate CD? If so I`ll just install server 2008 and ditch the R2 components as I’d rather keep Exchange 2007 patched up.
    6. JK2447
      I have mate but only in the lab in work. The version I was using was R2 on DVD and I didn't get any options to not install R2 if that makes sense, so it was intigrated. Jim
    7. Sparky
      Gah! Thats a pain. So cant opt out of R2 then? :rolleyes:

      I guess it depends what the media is when I get it. I got a server 2003 volume license media kit a few weeks ago and there was no service packs included, usually SP1 is slipstreamed.
    8. JK2447
      I know what you mean with 2003 having 2 disks but I'm almost positive you can't opt out of the R2. You'd have to make sure you got plain old 2008.
    9. Shinigami
      On my companys volume licensing website, I can download plain vanilla (RTM) 2008, 2008 with SP2, and 2008 R2 (rtm) separately. All are DVD iso's due to the size.
    10. JK2447
      I have to say, this is either pretty poor show by Microsoft or a crafty plan to get us all onto 2010. I won't comment on which I think it is. . . .

      Nice one Craigie for posting this!
    11. Sparky
      Im surprised by this. Its not like R2 is a new OS after all.
    12. craigie
    13. Modey
      Well yeah, just use vanilla 2008 if you don't want R2, not sure why it's an issue?

      As others have confirmed though, the 2008 R2 RTM is fully integrated, there is no seperate disc / install like with 2K3 R2. It's also not volume licenced any more, it's limited MAK keys or KMS as it requires activation.

      KMS is not so bad though, for sever 2008 you only need 5 servers in order to make it work. I believe it's still 25 clients for Vista / W7.
    14. Sparky
      Well Im not 100% sure what media I will have for the install. Might just be R2.
    15. Modey
      Ahh, well if the media is R2, then R2 it is then. :)
    16. zebulebu
      What if you've only got four 2K8 servers? You have to stick with the frickin MAK key nonsense. Honestly, this MAK/KMS bull**** is the one thing that M$ have done in the past few years that has truly driven me up the wall.
    17. Modey
      Yeah, I can't say I exactly like it either mate. The KMS server wouldn't activate our 2K8R2 servers at first, and even when they released the hotfixes for 2K8 to allow it to accept the new keys, it still wasn't working. I just gave up and upgraded the server to R2, then it would accept the new keys. :)

      I would much prefer VLK editions of the server OS but I guess they are no more. Have never liked this activation crap. Anyhow, now that our KMS system is up and running it's working well and kicks in very quickly. I re-installed one of our servers the other day and it automatically activated within a couple of minutes of being joined to the domain.
      Last edited: Oct 8, 2009
    18. supernova
      I thought R2 was going to be based on windows 7? .. no?

      I must admit i haven't looked at it yet, only read a few blogs

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