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Microsoft buys £120m stake in Facebook

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Oct 25, 2007.

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  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Microsoft buys £120m stake in Facebook

    Software giant Microsoft is investing around £120 million for a 1.6 per cent stake in the social networking website Facebook.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Microsoft will be the exclusive advertising platform for Facebook which has nearly 50 million registered users.

    To see the whole news article, click here.

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    1. onoski
      Microsoft at it again doing what it does best advertisement:biggrin and social marketing strategy.
    2. greenbrucelee
      You will only be able to use facebook if you have vista, my phsycic powers tell me :D

      I don't use any how.
    3. onoski

      That would mean the hard core linux users would have to adopt or reverse back to using MS in this case vista:biggrin or unsubscribe from facebook.
    4. Phoenix
      lets try not to go too far down the garden path on this one boys

      MS has a massive and very well oiled marketing machine, and the deal with facebook (well over 50 million subscribers last i heard) can only really be good for both of them if they play the cards right
      Be interesting to see what comes of it, and if MS ties any of its own apps into the facebook API (the thing thats made it so popular so quickly, it was pretty much unheard of in the UK before the API was launched)
    5. Theprof
      wait till the required activations appear:D
    6. Bluerinse
      Actually i think facebook was better before all the additional applications were entrenched in it. Now i am starting to find it cumbersome and irritating.
    7. Ereos
      yeh that true but Facebook could do with some skins like better profile backgrounds like on Bebo... I for one only use Facebook
      but man eventually it be only Vista use... sucks im plannin to stick with my lame 3yr + desktop for another 2 yrs lawlz
    8. zebulebu
      ummm... please allow me to be the first to say...
      Did I just suddenly get about twenty years older? Nothing anybody says any more seems to make any sense to me

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