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Microsoft backs long life for IE6

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    Microsoft backs long life for IE6

    Microsoft has underlined support for its Internet Explorer 6 web browser, despite acknowledging its flaws.

    The software giant said it would support IE6 until 2014 - fours years beyond the original deadline.

    Critics - some of which have started an online campaign - want the eight-year-old browser mothballed because they claim it slows the online experience.

    "Friends do not let friends use IE6," said Amy Bardzukas, Microsoft's general manager for Internet Explorer.

    "If you are in my social set and I have been to your house for dinner, you are not using IE6," she said. "But it is much more complicated when you move into a business setting."

    "It's hard to be cavalier in this economy and say 'oh it's been around for so long they need to upgrade,'" Ms Bardzukas told journalists in San Francisco..

    Web monitoring firms estimate that 15-20% of people still use IE6 to browse the web.

    Full story : here

    Thanks to GiddyG for spotting this one :biggrin
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    1. Josiahb
      That fits with the stats I see on our website, 19.87% of visitors in the last month were on ie6.

      To all those working in IT departments yet to upgrade there companies machines, whatever the reason you haven't upgraded for christs sake get a move on. Working with ie6 is a pain in the arse.
    2. UKDarkstar
      I know the local Uni insist on IE6 - think the NHS hospitals locally do too.
    3. Josiahb
      My dad works for a major energy provider and they are only on 6 as well, but then their IT team haven't even managed to roll out SP2 yet....

      We're running 7 here due to some incompatibilities with a couple of apps and 8 but thats a very short term state of affairs, the application providers are going to get really bored of hearing from me before long :p
    4. ThomasMc
      :eek::blink oh dear

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