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Microsoft Announces New Master-Level Cert Track

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator


    Microsoft Announces New Master-Level Cert Track

    Microsoft has finally released some information on a new certification that has been in the works for some time, the Microsoft Certified Master certification.

    The information on the new cert was announced by Jim Clark, Microsoft's senior product planner, and Per Farny, Microsoft's director of advanced training and certification, at a session during the Microsoft Tech-Ed Conference in Orlando, Fla.

    The Microsoft Certified Master certification track, according to a press release, sits above the Professional series of certifications. In the works for about three years, the track has been at times unofficially called the "Series III," and there were indications that the cert would fill an apparent gap between the two current Technology and Professional tracks and the Microsoft Certified Architect series of certifications.

    See the whole article here, for Microsoft's page - see here and here.

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    1. wagnerk
      IMO, it sounds like a good idea - the way they will be ensuring that people won't be able to use braindumps:

      The down side is that it's going to cost, by the sounds of it...

    2. BosonMichael
      Just because they're required to attend training doesn't mean they won't be able to use braindumps.

      To me, this just looks like a way for Microsoft to generate revenue through requiring that people take THEIR training classes. If I've got as much experience as they recommend, I don't need to lose three weeks of work to take an expensive training program. And if it means that I am basically buying the certification by paying for a training program... meh, I'll pass. :rolleyes:
    3. The_Geek
      If you have that experience you don't need to sit in class for 3 weeks.
    4. Phoenix
    5. BosonJosh
      $18,000! Yikes! That is certainly a niche audience they're going after.
    6. wagnerk
      Just got a price back from my local Uni regarding if i wanted to do a proper Master's (MSc) part-time over two years: £4500. I'd rather do that and keep something that'll last a lifetime than a MS Masters that will be valid for 10 years approx at double the price.

      But of course I'll change my mind if I got sponsored to do it :biggrin


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