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Members demand emergency meeting over future of BCS

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Mar 8, 2010.

  1. wagnerk
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    Members demand emergency meeting over future of BCS

    BCS, the chartered institute for IT, is facing a call for an emergency meeting to debate members' concerns about the future direction of the society.

    IT consultant Len Keighley, a former member of BCS's governing board of trustees, claims to have the backing of more than 50 members for a motion to call an emergency general meeting (EGM).

    Keighley is seeking further support from members for the EGM, which he says would encourage BCS executives to discuss concerns about the direction of the organisation, which was formerly known as the British Computer Society.

    Read the Article.

    For those that are members, what are your views?

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    1. JonnyMX
      My personal view is that I cannot comment on a hypothetical motion and that we should not undermine BCS governance by overreacting to discussions among other members. However, I am always delighted to discuss BCS strategy and direction, more than happy to discuss why the transformation programme is good news for members and the general public - and very much about engaging members more, not less.

      Oh, hang on wait a minute...

    2. Josiahb
      I'm not at all surprised the transformation plans have got some people wound up, things like this always do. Change is always scary as hell.

      From my point of view with the BCS apparently continuing to focus all its efforts on graduates (from what I've seen anyway) and the fact I've seen my available spare cash plummet in the past few months (moving tends to cripple your bank balance) I'm unlikely to renew my membership. I'd rather put my time and money into certs and possibly an OU course at the moment.
    3. UKDarkstar
      Hmmn, I am acquainted with Len tho' do not know him well. I certainly hadn't realised he had been asked to stand down as he has headed up the Branches Committee for some years.

      My view is as follows and I stress it is purely personal and not in any official BCS capacity :

      1) Coming into the BCS from a business IT perspective and, having been involved previously with another professional institute some years ago, I have been somewhat horrified at how behind the times the BCS has been

      2) Having said that, there have been tremendous efforts to update the BCS with the Transformation program

      3) Communication between BCS HQ and Branches/Members could be an awful lot better

      4) I don't believe there is any deliberate attempt to conceal things from Members

      5) There is a hard core of "academic" type Members who are resistant to change

      I very much doubt a meeting will get forced and in any event there is an upcoming Branches and SG Convention so committee members may hear more then.

      Membership is up and so maybe it is time for newer members with more modern views to push chnage through even at the expense of the "old guard".

      Just my musings ....

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