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Manage your documents with Knowledge Tree

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Dec 9, 2007.

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    Manage your documents with Knowledge Tree

    Someone in one of the forums was looking for a document management solution and SharePoint seemed to be the favorite answer. I thought that SharePoint was overkill but couldn't think of an alternative. I just came across this article. Haven't had a chance to really investigate, but I thought it was a worthy subject to post here. -Trip

    Knowledge Tree is an open source document management system (DMS) that helps enterprise users categorize, store, index, and share documents. It offers features like metadata editing, versioning, and WebDAV access, which make it a better choice than a simple file server for sharing documents. The open source edition of the PHP-based Knowledge Tree ships under GPLv3; a commercial version with some additional features and support bundled is also available. You can run Knowledge Tree on Linux, Windows, or any platform that can run Apache, MySQL and PHP. The commercial application also has a Windows client for non-Web access to the repository.

    Read the rest at Linux.com.
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    1. nugget
      Thanks Trip. A very interesting article and it could be just what I need next year. :thumbleft

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