Manage Linux servers from Windows

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    Manage Linux servers from Windows

    New software will let sysadmins manage Linux servers from within Windows. The beta software from start-up Centeris makes it the third company attempting to offer interoperability between the two operating systems. Likewise 1.0 is targeted at IT managers in mid-size and large companies struggling to manage combinations of Windows and Linux servers. "The two platforms don't work well together," said Centeris CEO, Barry Crist. "We allow Linux servers to have a specific role in a Windows network." Using Likewise, sysadmins can join Linux servers to Microsoft's Active Directory, enabling them to manage and monitor the Linux servers through either Likewise or Microsoft Management Console.

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    1. supag33k
      I'll keep an eye out for it in December...looks good!!
    2. ffreeloader
      I can see why someone would want to manage a Windows server from a Linux machine, but for the life of I can't figure out why anyone would want to do it the other way around.... :twisted:
    3. Phoenix
      probably because most linux sys admins still use windows as a desktop os, for obvious reasons

      puttys been out for ages, not sure what this new company is touting, but if its soem fangled graphical interface most nix admins i know will laugh at it lol

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