Man gets nine years for spamming

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    Man gets nine years for spamming

    A man has been sentenced to nine years in jail by a Virginia judge for sending millions of junk emails, or "spamming".

    Jeremy Jaynes, 30, is the first person in the US to get a prison term in a spam case. He is said to have been the world's eighth most prolific spammer.

    By selling sham products and services advertised in his messages, he earned up to $750,000 (£398,000) per month.

    Jaynes has appealed, and the court has put off the start of his prison term because the new law raises questions.
    Under Virginia law, sending bulk email using fake addresses is a crime.

    "It was not just sending bulk emails, he was falsifying the routing information, disguising the origin," said prosecutor Lisa Hicks Thomas. "The end user couldn't say: don't send this to me," she added. Ms Thomas said she was pleased with the ruling and hoped it would be upheld.

    Full story: HERE
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    1. Stu_C
      good, if theres one thing i cant stand its spammers. the only thing i can think of thats as bad as this are the companys that write the adware rubbish for which i hope they get life.

    2. Phil
      Good news, now if only he'd appeal and end up with a stiffer sentence :D
    3. Jakamoko
      Unfortunately, I get the feeling that for every one that gets busted, there's another ten waiting in the wings to take the risk for those kind of gains.

      I guess it's like any kind of major crime-busts - it's great news and publicity for the authorities involved, but it's not really doing anything to nail the problem at actual source.
    4. martin brighton
      martin brighton
      now if only they could catch the ad ware merchants as well :twisted:
    5. michael78
      Good that these people are starting to get nailed for spamming I wished the people sending me spam about Viagra would stop I never asked for them to send it. Wonder if it was my lass that signed me up...:blink
    6. Bluerinse
      lol@slypie :D

      I have been getting the same spam re Viagra for ages, always spoofed from fields, so you can't stop them by adding them to the junk email list. Perhaps they would stop if you ordered some :oops:

      Spammers, off with their heads :twisted:

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