Malware may hide in Windows registry

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Aug 30, 2005.

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    Malware may hide in Windows registry

    Security experts have found a vulnerability in Windows that could allow malware to lurk undetected in long string names of the Windows Registry. The weakness is caused by an error in the Windows Registry Editor Utility's handling of long string names. A malicious program could hide itself in a registry key by creating a string with a long name, which would allow the malicious string and any created after it in the same key to remain hidden. Keys are stored in the Windows Registry, which saves a PC's configuration settings.

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    1. Missy
      Hi Trip
      This starts to ring bells with me, how can i check the reg' i have run all my anti virus and firewalls and nothing has come up, What is the next step to checking this out, iv'e had a few errors boxes over the weeks, not too many, but after you saying this i checked out the site and read about it and i'm woundering whether this is to blame for my connection not working properly, it did but only for a few days, then it was back to the old setting, this has happened 4 times.I dont know how to get into the reg to check it out, do you code etc.
    2. Phoenix
      Unfortunatly its a clever place to put something like that
      I really wouldnt advise playing with the registry unless you know what your doing, especially on a 98 box
      As the article mentions, the registry is where windows stores its configuration, change the wrong thing and it may well become unbootable
    3. tripwire45
      Phoenix is right. I almost never edit the registry on a Windows machine unless I absolutely have to. It's really an advanced skill and one wrong move could make your machine nothing more than a fancy paper weight. I think someone said in one of the other threads to download "HijackThis", install the program and run it. You can copy and paste the results into a post and let the gang here take a look. I think the results include registry keys but Phoenix or ffreeloader would know more about that.

      I'm including a link to a download site here:

      Once the page opens, scroll down to the "Official Downloads" section. The second item listed should be "HijackThis". There will be list of download mirrors underneath. It shouldn't matter much which one you pick. Click on one and follow the downloading instructions. If you have trouble, give us a hollar and we'll be glad to help. :)
    4. Missy
      Thanks but what do i do then ?
      And could you please tell me where or who to ask about borrowing or buying a CD of win 2000 I need one for next monday when i am ment to be go on broadband, the guy at BT said get rid of 98 and use 2000
      Hope everything is ok now..
      Thanks Missy
    5. tripwire45
      Oops...I was still editing out the errors in my previous post when you made the next one. :oops:

      You can't really borrow a Windows 2000 Pro disk to install on your computer legally since each disk is licensed to the person or company that purchased it. I have to recommend that you purchase your own copy of it. You can get it from amazon here:

      The above is the full version. You can buy an upgrade version for less here:

      However, if you upgrade from 98 to 2000, I'm afraid you might still end up keeping the same problems including malware that you currently have. Buying and installing a full version means that you would completely delete everything on your hard disk right now including the Windows 98 operating system and everything else stored on it. If you go that route, you will need to backup everything currently on your hard drive that you want to keep.

      We'd be glad to help you with his process. It can be a bit daunting to install an operating system if you've never done it before (after you've done it a few dozen times, it's kind of kewl tho). Let us know how we can help.
    6. Missy
      Trip i'm on that site trying to download, but it says it cant find winzip, so i went into find and there are these so which one do i use and why cant it see these
      WINZIP.GID winzip, winzip 8.1, uninstall winzip suppose i dont need this one.
    7. Missy
      Just looked on Amazon for 2000 CD well it looks like i will have to put up with win 98 as i cant afford those prices.
      I dont work now through illness so i had to sell my shop, so have to watch the pennies.
    8. tripwire45
      Are you saying that you can't download it or that once downloaded, you can't unzip it? I know XP comes with winzip but I'm not sure about 98? Anyone else out there have an idea?
    9. Missy
      It say it cant find winzip, before it downloads
    10. tripwire45
      Hmmmmm. When you do a search, you do find a what looks like a number of compression programs so apparently they are actually on your computer but not located in a place where the download program normally looks (probably somewhere in "Program Files"). I can steer you to a free download of 7-zip but I don't know if that would help:

      Let me think about this as see what I can come up with.
    11. Phoenix
    12. Missy
      Iv'e looked on the site and these two seem ok for me, as i just need it for home use.
      Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition upgrade - Retail (SW-015-ms) £69-95
      Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition - OEM (OS-OO1-ms) £53.95
      What does OEM mean please?
      Is is pretty easy to put XP on ?
      Grateful Missy
    13. tripwire45
      Here's a web definition for OEM (clickable link).
      It's pretty much as step-by-step process, like any other Windows-style "wizard". Basically, you just toss in the CD and then follow the instructions. I'm including a couple of links that will give you a look at the installation process:

      Click me 1

      click me 2

      They are both multi-page web documents so you'll have to click through to keep reading. Hope they help.
    14. Phoenix
      an OEM copy is tied to the machine you install it on, meaning if you throw the machine out, the license goes with it (legally) not to say you couldnt re install it on your new system, but that would be in breach of the license aggreement

      upgrade copies are more hassle than they are worth in my opinion, as they keep alot of the underlying architecture, thus keeping alot of the problems, and require you to keep hold of your old media (atleast, old upgrades did, havnt used one since 98 era)

      also dont buy into the marketing
      Home Vs Professional is not just a matter of home users and work systems, pro is a more mature, and stable operating system, properly locked down its secure and powerful,

      if you just browse the web and read emails, its probably not worth the extra money, if you do anything else, id recommend the extra 30 quid to be honest

      Is it easy to install? thats a matter of opinion :)

      Note: just saw trips link re: OEM, in this instance that defination does not hold true, and may lead to confusion, as it will not be a customised or modified copy of the operating system, it will be a standard one, the only difference in this istance is the license restrictions, the same restrictions apply to copies you recieve from OEMs with new computers (such as Dell or HP) who HAVE indeed customised the copy of XP with all there fancy branding crapness
    15. Missy
      Thanks for that info, iv'e been thinking their are a few people around here who come to your home and help you to either repair your computer or show you how to do thing, i think it would be better to watch someone so i can ask questions, i learn better that way.
      I got a "fatal exception 06 has occurred@ 0028:00000356 it wouldnt let me restart so i had to reboot, i had to reboot 3 times disconnected 4 times, the joys of computing eh! I was on the site Blackviper that Trip told me about.
    16. Phoenix
      No worries Missy
      I think you will find that with modern equipment and software computers aren't the problem people make out :)

      C:\Documents and Settings\rcoates>systeminfo | find "Up Time"
      System Up Time:            6 Days, 2 Hours, 1 Minutes, 53 Seconds
      soverign htdocs # uptime
       23:07:22 up 46 days,  5:28,  2 users,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00
    17. Jakamoko
      If I may, Ryan...

      Missy, what Ryan shows you above is from a simple command that shows how long a particular PC or system (eg server) has been running for uninterrupted. As you may notice, the above shows pretty reliable systems, and is easily what you can expect from a decent OS looked after with some general common sense and care.
    18. tripwire45
      Missy, it sounds like you are saying that you'd like to hire a tech to come to your home and debug and/or upgrade your computer. It has a lot of advantages (assuming you hire a reliable tech) such as peace of mind and not having to worry about getting something wrong. Of course, you have to pay for it. Did you have a person or company in mind?

      As far as what Phoenix showed you...the machine that had been up for 6 days was a Windows machine and the machine that has been up for 46 days was Linux.

      I have very few problems with XP crashing. I only blue screened my Windows XP Pro laptop when I upgraded SpySweeper one time and it was SpySweeper's fault (the tech crew at Webroot gave me the fix).

      Having said that, at the end of the work week, I power down my Windows XP Pro workstation for the weekend but I just logout of my Debian (Linux) machine and leave it running. The only times I've powered it down is when I have to physically move from one office to another. It is very stable.

      Of course, I leave my XP machines at home running for weeks on end without problems, so take it for what it's worth.
    19. Phoenix
      the windows machine only got rebooted so I could upgrade my CMD prompt font to the new consolas font found in longhorn, much easier on the eyes, but required a reboot coz its a registry hack :/

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