LPI Exam, Objective Changes Underway

Discussion in 'News' started by SimonV, Aug 18, 2005.

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    LPI Exam, Objective Changes Underway

    The Linux Professional Institute said earlier this week that English versions of its LPI Certified (LPIC) 101 exam will require candidates know both RPM and DPKG package management beginning Oct. 1.

    The organization announced the upcoming change back in May, citing community consensus that candidates should know both. Previously, candidates were allowed to choose which one they preferred to test on.

    LPI said that it does not yet have specific dates for when this change will affected translated versions of the exam. The exam is currently available in Japanese, German, Portuguese and Chinese, among other languages.

    Full Story: certcities.com
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    1. ffreeloader
      LOL. And here I thought that's the way it already was....
    2. Phoenix
      man they should have to know portage :)
    3. ffreeloader
      LOL. The LPI is for average geeks like me, not for uber geeks such as yourself that run Gentoo.... :biggrin

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