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London is UK’s most e-town - Torquay is most e-Luddite

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Jun 6, 2009.

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    London is UK’s most e-town - Torquay is most e-Luddite

    London and Canterbury are the e-capitals of the UK according to the first national survey to lift the lid on what Britons are doing on the internet. Bournemouth was second to last and Torquay had the lowest score, making it the most e-Luddite town in the land.

    More than 12,000 people completed the Great British e-test “How ‘se’s are you?” developed by online consultants Enhance Media. It covered 30 internet activities, ranging from using a search engine and email, to subscribing to an RSS feed and uploading a video to YouTube. Results revealed:

    Britain’s most e-literate towns
    1 London
    2 Canterbury
    3 Cambridge
    4 Swindon
    5 Chelmsford
    6 Glasgow
    7 Milton Keynes
    8 Sheffield

    Britain’s least e-literate towns
    1 Torquay
    2 Bournemouth
    3 Twickenham
    4 Peterborough
    5 Wakefield
    6 Doncaster
    7 Derby
    8 Stoke-on-Trent

    Tim Elkington, managing director of Enhance Media who carried out the survey said: “People in Canterbury clearly love the internet but you might have trouble finding a WiFi connection in Torquay.”

    Full Story : here
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    1. UKDarkstar
      So do we have any Luddites on the forum ? :p
    2. dmarsh
      Yes I much prefer an abacus...:)
    3. VantageIsle
      I have always had Manchester down as the top E-town, especially in the late 80's early 90's :biggrin
    4. dazza786
      yeah, i am very surprised that manchester isnt on there..
      although it's probably cos we were too busy bein 'mad fer it' to do the survey :biggrin
    5. Bluerinse
    6. Fergal1982
      utter tripe. so because i havent bought something for over 1k online, im obviously some sort of luddite. Then theres the fact that theres simply no incentive for people to fill it out. I hadnt even heard of the survey, so you cant judge cities against one another.
    7. UKDarkstar
      I don't think it was meant to be taken that seriously :p
    8. dales
      I dont think half of the places on that would appriciate being called a "town".
    9. Daniel
      Haha, my girlfriend lives in Torquay, the place is too nice to be sat in on a computer tbh, BEACH!! :D
    10. ThomasMc
      Good to see Glasgow on that list although sure it should have been higher up :)

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