Linux on Windows with CoLinux

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    Linux on Windows with CoLinux

    Some of us still need to use Windows desktops. Your work environment might call for it; your family may only have a Windows machine at home; or perhaps you just plain prefer Windows as a desktop operating system. And that’s OK. But there are situations when you need Linux when you’re running Windows. There is at least one commercial product on the market, EMC’s VMWare Workstation 5 For Windows, which does just that and does a great job, albeit for $200 per copy. If you’re willing to spend the extra money to run any Linux distribution that you want within Windows, it’s a great application to have. But for those of us who are cheapskates, there’s an alternative: Cooperative Linux, or CoLinux for short.

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    1. simongrahamuk
      Interesting, this could be a good option for someone who wants to learn linux, but doesn't have to funds to pay for a VM, or another box.

      And if they're like me enjoy still being able to use Windows whilst 'tinkering' with another OS.

    2. Boycie
      Interesting find Trip.
      As Simon said it would be good for someone who doesn't want to dual boot Windows and Linux, or swop over to Linux.

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