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LinkedIn Passwords Leaked By Hackers

Discussion in 'News' started by AJ, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. AJ

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    LinkedIn Passwords Leaked By Hackers

    Social networking website LinkedIn has said some of its members' passwords have been "compromised" after reports that more than six million passwords had been leaked onto the internet.

    Full Story here
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    1. Boffy
      Not me! :tongue
    2. cisco lab rat
      cisco lab rat
      Deleted my Linkedin account last night. Don't need the hassle of having to clean up after others.
    3. shadowwebs
      I am on linkedin but i dont particularly rate it much
    4. Gingerdave
      Another reason why its best to use a password safe that will generate and remember random passwords for you.
    5. csx

      Also you can check to see if your password was leaked here: LeakedIn: Is your password safe? (Change your password first just in case).
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    6. Boffy
      Note: my IE didn't pop up with a input box 8)
    7. dmarsh
      The main security feature of Hash functions are that they are one way functions, using a website like the above is likely to be playing right into the hands of hackers...

      By providing people with password -> hash mappings they can then match these against the encrypted password DB to find a potential match.

      While this site may be innocent, it only take a few similar sites that aren't...
      Last edited: Jun 7, 2012
    8. Monkeychops
      I've not looked at the site myself but have been told that looking at the code it's legit as all the javascript stuff is done client side, but not something I'd still likely do.

      I did get the dump of the discovered hashes and had a nose to see if mine and some other peoples hashes were there.
    9. SimonV
    10. JK2447
      Oh no I love LastFM! Not sure what can be gleaned from knowing what tunes I'm into tho ha ha
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    11. jvanassen

      The company ive just started working for this week, use a password safe and ive got to say its very handy and like you say the most important thing its secure, im going to start using it at home for all my passwords aswell.
    12. BB88
      You could be in to Aqua's Barbie Girl, Cotton Eyed Joe, or maybe even Oooh-Eeeh-Oooh-Aaah-Aaah by The Cartoons?

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