Lindows wants MS to pay up the full $1.1B

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    [​IMG]<font size="3">Lindows wants MS to pay up the full $1.1B</font> announces MSfreePC, a web service designed to help Microsoft customers process their settlement claims from the $1.1 billion settlement Microsoft has agreed to pay. MSfreePC Offers Consumers 'Instant Settlements' From $1.1 Billion Microsoft Settlement

    Customers can process their claim and receive an "instant settlement" of up to $100, and possibly a free computer by visiting, and taking advantage of a simple online process. And as it turns out, the catch is that you get the $100 in the form on Lindows software.

    "MSfreePC is helping consumers maximize their opportunity to receive their portion of the $1.1 billion settlement," said Michael Robertson, chief executive officer of Inc. "If consumers do not apply for their settlements during this limited time period, Microsoft will not be required to pay the full $1.1 billion settlement."

    MSfreePC has made the claims process easy and completely online, with no receipts required, so anyone who is eligible can participate. MSfreePC will be available for a limited time due to the deadlines related to the settlement process. Read the complete eligibility details at

    View: MSFreePC
    View: Action Settlement Website and Claim form that you can use without having to get Lindows Software
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