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Like Windows Vista, Exam Almost Here (But Not Quite)

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    Like Windows Vista, Exam Almost Here (But Not Quite)

    You knew it was coming: A new exam for Windows Vista has appeared on the Pearson Vue site. The information seems preliminary for now, as there is no listed date for beta availability, which is a good indication that the exam still percolates in development at the Redmond campus. (Microsoft makes no comments on exams in development.) Here's what information we can glean so far: The exam will be entitled "70-620 TS: Windows Vista Configuring." Confirmation of the name can be found elsewhere, in the form of a book already in the works at Sybex, MCTS: Windows Vista Client Configuration Study Guide: Exam 70-620, by James Chellis (ISBN, 0470108819, MSRP $49.99). (Availability of the book is expected in February 2007, but it's already listed on several retail sites, including Amazon.com and Bookpool.com.) Based on earlier interviews with Microsoft's Learning Group, the exam price will likely remain at $125 here in the U.S.

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    1. zimbo
      oh well time to start playing with vista! if i have understood correctly this is the technology specialist - todays MCP but with much higher regard right? looks like another one to the to do list! :biggrin

      thanks trip!
    2. Theprof
      Back in the day it was first come first serve. If you were the first to obtain the knowledge you were getting payed big bucks, now its not like this unfortunately, but there is always a plus in learning something new. I'll be starting to play with vista soon my self, as I was asked by my boss to start experimenting with it. After the Microsoft conference here that is being held in 1 month I'll have a better idea of vista.
    3. noelg24
      well I been testing and playing with Vista since Beta 2...so I might put myself for this...better to the cert for it...but at the same time I have been playing around with it so at the end of the day its the experience more than anything...:biggrin

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