Last call for Microsoft's Second Shot

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    Last call for Microsoft's Second Shot

    When opportunity knocks, be ready to act. And when that opportunity is a Second Shot at passing a Microsoft Certification Exam, you need to act twice as fast!

    The Second Shot offer provides a free retake exam if you do not pass your exam the first time. If you purchase a Microsoft Certification exam pack using the Second Shot offer, you will have one (and only one) retake for each of the exams in the exam pack. With Second Shot, if you fail your exam the first time you take it, you can use the same voucher for your retake exam.

    Take any applicable Microsoft Certification exam before May 31, 2015 and, if you don't pass, you'll have 30 days to schedule a "retake" of the exam for free.

    Full Info here
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    1. Juelz
      I have an MS exam booked for June but from what I understood was that if you book the exam before May 31st you would be eligible for a secondshot even if you sat it in June.. looks like I was wrong...?
    2. SimonV
      You better nail it then Juelz. :)

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