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IT managers are 'still being hired'

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. UKDarkstar
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    IT managers are 'still being hired'

    Companies are still looking to take on IT managers despite the impact of the economic downturn, one recruitment agency has claimed.

    Research from Hays showed that employees who can lead processes and people are the most in demand, Contractor UK reported.

    The study showed that despite managerial leaders in the sector being willing to take less money than before and more potential candidates available, suitable applicants for the posts are hard to find.

    Full story at the BCS : here
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    1. UKDarkstar
      Hope for me yet ! :biggrin
    2. JK2447
      Sure is mate! Good to hear a bit of hiring going on in todays market.
    3. dmarsh
      lol, the employment, markets become like the housing market with recruiters talking up every 'green shoot' they can find, don't believe the hype.

      This week one joker offered me a contract job on perm wages, called it an 18 month perm position, laughable...
    4. JK2447
      Oh your kidding? 18 month perm but they can lay you off when ever they want and you don't get sick pay or annual bonus! Bet you told him where to stick it mate

      **Edit: Not to mention the wages!
    5. wagnerk
      That's good news for the future (whether it's near or distant) :)

    6. BosonMichael
      This here is the key, folks. Plenty of people want to be IT managers... but few actually qualify.
    7. craigie
      You could double my wages and I wouldn't be a manager!

      Give me a specialisation any day of the week to increase my earnings power :D
    8. JK2447
      Oh all day mate! Saying that my boss is on a good 25k more than me . . . . .
    9. danielno8
      dont even get me started on this!
    10. BosonMichael
      I mean you no disrespect, Daniel... but I doubt you'd qualify as an IT manager, either. At age 23, you've barely stopped wetting the bed! :p

      In time, I'm quite sure you will. :)

      EDIT: I mean, be an IT manager... not wet the bed. :p
    11. JK2447
      :lol: !!
    12. Pheonicks56
      Thank God for the clarification... :biggrin
    13. danielno8
      lmao, you have massively misunderstood my post.

      Like whoever said previously, i wouldn't be one if you doubled my wages!
    14. BosonMichael
      Was teasing, anyway. :p Gotta go for the humor, mate! :biggrin
    15. Phoenix
      Actually going from advanced IT to management is not as big of a jump as you might imagine
      as a senior consultant most of my skillset is probably around softskills anyway, my technical skills just evolve over time, the ability is already there

      but when your working on multi million dollar projects as a technical lead you are already
      project managing
      people managing
      communicating to business leaders
      communicating to technical staff
      analyzing risks
      minimizing risks

      only one of that above list is what most new IT folks would consider 'their bit'.. the implementing
      more senior ones may consider the architecture, implementing and documenting
      and even more senior ones would probably include some of the communicating and delegating
      but seriously, at that point, you are MANAGING, whether you are the IT Manager or not, hence it's not a large step.

      That's the key here, GOOD IT MANAGERS have that sort of skill set, they were engineers, they worked helpdesk, they also know when to let the techs do what they need to do to get the job done. You get far more out of people by telling them what you need, not what to do, people will surprise you with their ingenuity :)

      Paying me double would probably get me to step up to management, I like getting my hands dirty, but I like working with people too, and i have a home lab and expensive hobbies ;)

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