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IPv6 Set for Root Adoption?

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jan 14, 2008.

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    IPv6 Set for Root Adoption?

    IPv6 adoption has a key adoption deadline looming this year, but is still facing plenty of barriers to adoption. Key among them is this: IPv6 address information is not included in most of the root DNS servers that power the Internet. This makes IPv6 to IPv6 connections a difficult proposition. At a time when the current IPv4 protocol is running out of address spaces for Web sites, the barriers to IPv6 adoption need to be addressed, experts say. Starting on February 4th, at least one of those adoption barriers will be addressed as AAAA records for IPv6 addresses are added to four of the key root DNS servers. IPv6 AAAA records are a key resource record type for storing IPv6 address information on DNS servers. The IPv6 AAAA additions were announced by ICANN at the end of December in an e-mail announcement by Barbara Roseman, general operations manager for Internet Assigned Numbers Authority, an organization working under the auspices of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), and which is responsible for assigning new Internet-wide IP addresses.

    Occasionally, I see threads on CF with questions about IPv6. I thought this news article might be of general interest. Find the entire story at Earthweb.com.
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    1. Phoenix
      I'm pretty shocked

      I didn't realise not a single root server supported AAAA records yet
      AAAA records have been supported in bind for years, I know that root servers are updated very rarely but i thought this would of made for a very useful / important upgrade considering a lot of the growing market in the east is already using IPv6 and having to trunk stuff via gateways to connect to the rest of the web

      Oh well better late than never
    2. tripwire45
      Found the next part of this article which was just published at ServerWatch.com which says in part:
      The link above will take you to the entire story.

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