Introducing VMWare Player

Discussion in 'News' started by Phoenix, Oct 20, 2005.

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    Introducing VMWare Player

    VMware has released a free version of its popular virtulisation software dubbed VMWare Player
    the downside? you can't create virtual machines, but you can run ones already created
    I cant find the full press release on this yet, but you can find out more info here
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    1. simongrahamuk
      Great find!

      So, in theory that means that as long as the VMhas already been created it can be used on any PC with the player installed. Modified, saved, etc, and then moved back with the changes intact?

      I may just have to ditch Virtual PC for that......... 8)
    2. tripwire45
      So for example, I could copy the files of one of my VMs onto my laptop and with VMware player, I could open and run the VM...kewl. :D
    3. Phoenix
      seems that way trip yes, i havnt given it a good going over yet, just read about it this morning while hovering around in the VMTN site :)
    4. tripwire45
      I just downloaded it onto my laptop. I'd like to see if I could bring one of my VMs to work with me and play with it if I have some down time.
    5. Jakamoko
      Sounds bloody good - is this not actually too good to be true ? Would be excellent for us on here, if say for example, we were running a lab with standard requirements. What would be the legalities of AJ (for it would be he who would catch the wrap) setting up the virtual machines, then having them available to download to the rest of you running the free VM Player ?
    6. Phoenix
      unfortunatly gav, unless they were linux based, there would be a ton of legalities :)
    7. Jakamoko
      LOL - I suddenly realise, reading back, how shifty my question sounded :biggrin

      I genuinely meant in a hypothetical sense here. Hee hee - can you imagine, down the car boot sale - "oi, mate...looking for a virtual Fedora ?" :D

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