Internet speed record quadrupled to 101 Gbit/s

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    Internet speed record quadrupled to 101 Gbit/s

    Los Angeles (CA) - An international team of physicists, scientists and engineers achieved a new speed record for long distance data transfer: During the Supercomputing Bandwidth Challenge the sustained data transfer was 101 Gbit per second (Gbp/s) between Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. This is more than four times faster than last year's record of 23 Gbp/s. The group's "High-Speed TeraByte Transfers for Physics" record data transfer speed is equivalent to downloading three full DVD movies per second, or transmitting all of the content of the Library of Congress in 15 minutes, and it corresponds to approximately ten percent of the rate that all forms of digital content were produced on Earth during the test, the team led by the California Institute of Technology said.

    By Wolfgang Gruener, Senior Editor November 29, 2004 - 15:34 EST

    Full Story: The Register

    With thanks to Noelg24 for bringing this story.
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    1. Phoenix
      I dont know whats scarier, them breaking 100Gb or the fact we produce 50GB of new data per second across the globe (thats 432'000 GB, or 421TB, or .4 Petabytes!! a day)
      thats staggering :)
    2. Bluerinse
      lol you need to get out more Phoenix :biggrin

      I reckon 50% of that data produced is :spam

    3. noelg24
      who cares...if only I had that kinda speed...woudnt need to worry about leaving my PC on overnight :D

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