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Internet Explorer 8 to Feature Anonymous Browsing

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. wagnerk
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    Internet Explorer 8 to Feature Anonymous Browsing

    One feature that has raised eyebrows among Web professionals is called InPrivate Browsing. According to Microsoft, this tool allows users to control whether Internet Explorer stores their web browsing history, and keeps cookies and other information. This feature in particular it is troubling to many in online marketing, as the use of “cookies,” or small informational files that are stored on the user’s computer, have become an important part of tracking the use of products and services online.

    Internet Explorer 8 will also feature a Delete Browsing tool, which helps users to control their browsing history immediately after visiting a web site that gathers user information. The downside of this feature is that it could easily become quite annoying. These days, pretty much every web site online collects statistical user information. Most of this information is used only for statistical analysis of web page popularity, to determine the global location of visitors, or to understand which search terms they used in order to find a web page.

    Read the whole article here.
    Compliments to Arroryn for the find :thumbleft

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    1. NightWalker
      The IE8 anonymous browsing has been dubbed as 'Pr0n Mode' by folks online.
    2. GiddyG
      I've installed it on one machine. Links from within pages often don't work, and the 'what would you like to do now?' effect when you open a new tab can be a wee bit tiresome. Also, I found that I had quite a few (four or more) instances of the iexplore process running.

      To be honest, it looks no different than the current IE7 (which I like using), and until the final version rolls out, I'll be sticking to IE7 on my other machines.
    3. Bluerinse
      Haha, classic :biggrin
    4. rax
    5. BosonMichael
      Well, that IS what it's for, right? :p
    6. Crito
      Yeah, only terrorists, hackers and porno surfers need privacy. :rolleyes:

      Anonymous browsing mode should be the default. Then people would have to manually opt-in to "fascist nazi pig mode" to enable all the spyware. :blink
    7. NightWalker
      For those who want to add pr0n mode to Firefox or IE7, ZoneLabs have an add-on.

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