Intel shift over need for speed

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    Intel shift over need for speed" />

    Intel shift over need for speed

    The world's largest chip maker, Intel, is changing its approach to making faster computer microprocessors.

    It has dropped plans to release a four gigahertz version of its flagship Pentium 4 chip. Intel's shift reflects a change for the chip industry, which is moving away from boosts in megahertz and gigahertz.

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    1. Phoenix
      Hmm, im generally quite fond of the BBC, but they are a tad behind on this one

      Intel dropped the speed race soon after AMD did, almost a year ago, before the release of the prescott

      the current push is toward duel core and more hyperthreading power, with lower power consumption and hence lower heat generation

      this has been known for ages
      but they DID only just announce that they were cancelling the 4Ghz P4 (ofcoruse they will still release a 4Ghz chip, it just wont be based on the P4 core, atleast, not at the moment)

      it is already evident that they have slowed the 'speed race' down significantly, at its height we would see increases 5 fold in little over a year the current high end is still 3.6ghz, it was 3.2 in december

      tut tut the BBC :)

      thanks for bringing it up though fergal :)

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