IBM and edX Launch First MicroBachelors Program

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    IBM and edX Launch First MicroBachelors Program

    It seems that IT vendors are increasing looking for ways to meet your education needs, with IBM now partnering with edX to provide a micro Batchelors degree program. I checked and the intro to Computer Science was £324 which is quite reasonable to be fair. All remote and online.

    “We’re delighted that IBM is our first corporate partner to offer a MicroBachelors program on edX. Not only is IBM a longtime partner in delivering online education that equips learners with real skills for the workplace, but they are innovating with us as we meet the needs of learners without a college degree with our MicroBachelors programs. This particular program is incredible because it’s for people with no prior programming or cloud experience, and prepares them for an entry-level role as a full stack developer with the option to get college credit from our university credit partner.” – Anant Agarwal, edX Founder and CEO

    Full article here
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      I done a few courses on EDx, I really did enjoy them :)
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      I quite like the sound of this vendor and more formal education mix

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