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'I Quit!' 15 Reasons You Probably Left Your Last IT Job

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. tripwire45
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    'I Quit!' 15 Reasons You Probably Left Your Last IT Job

    Did your workload double with no raise in pay? Was your boss from hell? Either way, you quit, and it's likely you had a good reason.

    Check out the slideshow at eWeek.com.
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    1. nicolinux
      I could at least name 150 reasons for which to take the IT job
    2. onoski
      Trip, a man of your experience and caliber should know this can happen in any work field of life and not just in IT as a career.

      I think it all boils down to management styles and principle, unfortunately principle often times goes out of the window when comparing the above link slides.
    3. tripwire45
      I posted the article because I thought it might be of general interest. Yes, of course these reasons could also apply to other industries besides IT. It's just that we have so many people here who are anxious to get their first job in IT. I thought a bit of counterbalance was in order. :wink:
      Well done Trip:super

      I think your spot on there with that view. Certainly when you see the ads on TV. They show a factory worker or street cleaner (like trigger from Only Fools & Horses) with a donkey jacket looking miserable, under paid. But then this computer sales man from a large IT training centre magically appears (just like the shop keeper in Mr Ben). He shows you what a fantastic career you can have if you choose IT. What's more it's high in pay and there's loads of jobs out there so you'll never be out of work.

      The work environment is safe, cleaner and more interesting and the only time you will break into a sweat is walking up the stairs or getting into your sports car on a hot sunny day!:p :biggrin

      But it's not like that and there are times when you have to climb under desk where dust, cobwebs, peoples shoes, bags and food are. Most cleaners don't clean the carpet under the desk because of the wires! Also in some of the location of the Hubs are inside storage areas or basements.

      Slide 3 on the "I quit presentation" is true about some managers giving no help or praise if you do a good job. Some mangers or staff don't like sharing their knowledge.

      It's an interesting topic, maybe there should be more threads on the other side to IT! After all most people think it's easy and the grass is greener in the IT world.

    5. Theprof
      Thanks for the article trip, it is interesting.
    6. Lee

      They should try lugging UPS's up the stairs when the lifts broken, and some of those printers are back breakers, server cabinets etc etc.
    7. Gary B
      Gary B
      Or in the warehouse where I work which has comms rooms 400M apart and is 700 Meters long and a perimiter of around 1800M :ohmy

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