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HOW-TO: Laptop resurrection and upgrade

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Aug 26, 2005.

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    HOW-TO: Laptop resurrection and upgrade

    I thought at least some of you might enjoy this and it will probably be more noticed here in the News forum than in Articles.

    "I have been known to keep old hardware alive, long past it’s use-by date. Over the last year I acquired a couple of laptops. One of them had been smashed up (I think someone sat on it..) and the other got a drink spilled in to the keyboard. So I ended up with enough parts to make a cheap laptop.

    The i1400 Thinkpad came out with a few different variations of processor. The one I salvaged is a Celeron 500. I was also recently given another damaged laptop, which I robbed the DVD drive from and some RAM, so it’s maxed out to 256MB (I tried more, but it just didn’t like it). I’ve only spent around $180 total, not including the 60GB drive. That’s not bad for a cheap work laptop, with wireless."

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