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How to back up desktops and laptops

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Apr 1, 2008.

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    How to back up desktops and laptops

    Losing a hard drive on an aging system is just as common as the accidental deletion of a file, data corruption or a computer virus. There are also the more infrequent catastrophes, such as fire, flood and theft or loss of a laptop. If you're like me, data on a laptop or desktop is your lifeline -- whether it's business or personal files. If access to data is lost, the impact could be huge. So what's the best approach to PC backup? Onsite backup could be as simple as manually copying critical files to a USB pocket hard drive, CD or DVD. Or it could be more sophisticated -- leveraging a backup utility that automates the collection, transfer and cataloging of files to some external device. Backup utilities come in all price ranges (including freeware and utilities built into your operating system), levels of complexity and methodologies.

    While this information may be pretty basic for some of you, considering the number of newbie IT techs and people studying for the A+ here, I thought the TechTarget.com article would be useful.
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