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Hackers get Windows XP on Apple computers

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. tripwire45
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    Hackers get Windows XP on Apple computers

    As expected, hackers have found a way to run Microsoft Corp.'s Windows XP operating system on new Macintosh computers, winning an ad hoc contest and a $13,854 cash prize to boot. Or, make that dual-boot - the way to make a computer switch between two operating systems. Some users of Apple Computer Inc.'s Macs have clamored for such a solution since Apple said it would be switching its computers to Intel Corp.'s chips, putting the feat within reach. Their reasons vary, but a common denominator is that they would like to run Windows-based programs on their Macs. Colin Nederkoorn, a shipping broker in Houston, says he just wants to streamline his work: instead of using his Apple PowerBook computer for some programs and a Windows PC for other tasks, he'd like to just use one machine.

    Read the rest of the story Here.
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    1. Bluerinse
      I think I would rather have Mac OSX on my IBM clones :biggrin
    2. twizzle
      I think it would have been more of a challenge to try to get Dos6.1 on it lol....
    3. supag33k
      Looks like the link has already expired - btw...

      Apparently OSX to x86 has already been down before Christmas...it is a bit of a clugge though as the boot process is different:

    4. onoski
      Lets be fair any OS is hackable especially as it was programmed by humans:D

      Microsoft because of their somethings buggy and monopolistic software gets the greater hacks. Who said so? Just me with my two pence worth of OP:D
    5. wagnerk
      I would like to see them install Mac OSX, Windows Vista and AS400 on a Mac so they can multiboot between the 3... On the other hand, Na...


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