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Hacker 'proves' Olympic gymnasts underage

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, Aug 22, 2008.

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    Hacker 'proves' Olympic gymnasts underage

    A hacker has unearthed evidence that several of the Chinese gymnast team were underage, as suspected. The digital remains of deleted files were dug up revealing the real ages of the Chinese athletes that won gold ahead of the United States.

    Search engine hacker Stryde Hax – earth name Mike Walker – found traces of the official registration documents in the translation cache of Chinese search engine Baidu. The files had been deleted by the authorities from the official site, and Google documents.

    They stated that one of the women-child gymnasts, He Kexin, was only 14 this year, beneath the mandatory age for competing of 16, which must be reached during the Olympic year. Kexin also won individual gold on the uneven bars.

    Read the whole story here.

    Credit to Arroryn for the find :biggrin

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    1. slyuen
      Maybe the hacker modified/created the evidence and claimed he discovered them. Hacker...:twisted:

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