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Grow Your Vista Boot Partition

Discussion in 'News' started by tripwire45, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Grow Your Vista Boot Partition

    It's come to this: You fire up Vista's Computer window and see that your boot partition-the hard drive section on which Vista resides-is running out of space. You spend a few hours getting rid of as much fluff as you can, but a week or so later, the free space is disappearing once more and Vista warns you (with a red bar under the drive name) that you have a problem. What to do? If your hard drive has only one partition-meaning that your entire hard drive really is filled up-there's nothing you can do but buy a new drive and transfer files over to it. Of course, you could just reinstall Vista on the new drive and start all over, but that's a huge job. If you have more than one partition on your boot drive, though, you might be able to salvage the situation. And just for fun, let's say you don't have third-party partition management software available and want to avoid spending money if you can. While Vista doesn't have comprehensive partition management capabilities, it will give you some help.

    Find out what to do (and what *not* to do) at PC Magazine.
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