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Graduates 'overestimating starting salaries'

Discussion in 'News' started by wagnerk, May 3, 2009.

  1. wagnerk
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    Graduates 'overestimating starting salaries'

    University leavers estimate that they will earn around ten per cent more than is actually likely, a study has suggested.

    The research, carried out by a PhD student at the University of Southampton, found that some graduates overestimate their starting salaries by as much as £3,000.

    John Jerrim, the author of the report, pointed out that this sum is equal to the current annual tuition fee for most university programmes.

    He added: "It is vital that students thoroughly research their future employment prospects when going to university, so they can make informed choices about the subject they study and institution they attend.

    Read about this here.

    To be honest I'm not surprised by this...

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    1. zxspectrum
      Well i have worked before going into uni so i know that getting a job is not going to be presented to me on a plate, nor will i get a whopping wage when i d find i job. I know im going to have to start from the bottom, something like supporting etc and then work my way up. The fact that ive realised tthis now is a bit crap as ive only go a year left on my degree to go so i may as well carry on with it.

      Only one person who left uni that i know of has a job and that was because hi sister worked in the place, seems its not what you know its who you know


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